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Open Frame LCD Monitors and Touch Screen

8.4 Inch Industrial LCD Module
8.4-Inch Industrial LCD Module with VGA with Optional Composite Video and TouchScreen  
VGA 8.4-Inch LCD module with CCFL backlight perfect for Machine Automation, Automotive,
Industrial CCTV, AV equipment and Communication Equipment. Tech Data
RM84VGA >> With TouchScreen: RMT84VGA

10.4 Inch LCD Module
10.4-Inch Industrial LCD Module with VGA with optional Composite Video and TouchScreen  

Computer Input (VGA) on this 10.4-Inch Industrial LCD is perfect for mobile computing,
home and office automation, production lines, server rooms or Industrial PC applications.

OF104VGA >> With TouchScreen: OFT104VGA

12 Inch Open Frame LCD
12.1-Inch Open Frame Industrial LCD with VGA and Optional Composite Video or TouchScreen.  

The 12.1-inch Industrial LCD module has risen to be a favorite amongst the commercial LCD product SKUs. The back cover protects the electronics and makes for easy mounting.

 OF12VGA >> With TouchScreen: OFT12VGA

15 Inch Open Frame LCD
Open Frame 15-Inch Industrial LCD Monitor with VGA, Composite Video and Optional TouchScreen  
For easy installation into your solution, the 15-Inch Open Framed LCD module comes with a cover that
covers the electronics in the back and has mounting holes for easy integration.
OF15VGA >> With TouchScreen: OFT15VGA

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LCD Modules for industrial applications come in many configurations. Our products are available with composite video, VGA, 15-pin D-Sub and 4-wire or 5-wire resistive or capacitive touchscreen.

LCD technology has been adopted within a wide variety of applications such as self-service kiosks, point-of-sale displays (POS), digital advertising and corporate security monitors. Due to the creation of larger LCD display panels, small format LCD panels and lower cost of production, LCD display technology is rapidly being applied to the electronic sign and digital information display market.